Wiz Genius

As I try to hold my head up in my severe drunkenness, I will try, most diligently, to convey the epiphany which just struck me.  If I do say so, myself, it’s fucking profound as fuck.

*I hope I don’t hate my personal “no delete tomorrow” rule.

Anyway, I enjoy rap music. I always have and I always will.  My third cassette tape ever, was “Jam On Revenge”, by Newcleus.  I got that bitch in the third grade.

So, I’m sitting here, angry as fuck and so suicidal…omg, you have no idea.  Thank God, there’s no gun in my house…..

I’m listening to Wiz Khalifa’s, “When I’m Gone”, and I’m listening to the words thinking…wow…if that ain’t positive thinking…NOTHING IS.

And really, most hip-hop is…think about it.  They are all so fucking positive about the clothes, hoes, and money they gon get or already have.

Thanks, Wiz, for lifting the suicidal fog that was doing a ballet over my head.

If everyone would be as positive as Wiz, and sing the following song all day, every day…we would all arrive at Utopia.



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