I want to put into words my feelings about losing my children.  I really, really want to do it.

This is really, really hard because in order to put my feelings into words, I’m going to actually have to feel the feelings that I refuse to feel and  just thinking about feeling the feelings I refuse to feel is making feel way too much already and the tears are already welling up in my eyes and I hate that feeling.

I hate feelings.


This is my goal and I WILL ACHIEVE IT.

…but maybe not today.


  1. Lots of hugs. I wish there was something lovely and comforting I could say but I’m not that great with words. Thinking of you. ❤

      1. Baby steps, baby steps. Try stepping down to just irritating them, then annoying them. By the time your just pestering them THEN try and go cold turkey

      2. I jumped out in front of two cars last night because MY DAWG ran out of the front door and he’s an ass when he gets out and runs all over the street…and I live on the Louisiana Autobahn….ahhh…anyway..one of them stopped to curse me, and…well…I’m glad they stayed in their vehicle to curse me.

      3. This is understandable tho. I have a standing proclamation that I’m throwing a brick at the next car that passes by here over 30 miles an hour. I put the brick on the front porch, and posted a pic of it on the town FB page. People know I’ll do it too

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