Mother’s Day

Besides Christmas Day, Mother’s Day is my most feared and hated and absolute dreaded day of the whole fucking year.

Thank God, the build up for this satanic holiday doesn’t start three months in advance, like Christmas…OMG…


Hey today….why don’t you SUCK IT?


      1. Lol.
        My mom an dad divorced when I was 11? Not sure, I kinda lost a few years from ptsd.
        But yea, I usually send my mom a mothers and fathers day card because she was my everything. My dad can eat shit.
        That’s the shortened version 😉

      2. I hear ya, and I definitely understand. My moms dead and my dad is shit, and that’s the shortened version.

        Honestly, I have to read your blog in small doses because everything is so relatable and it scares the fuck out of me because this blog is my first attempt at even acknowledging I have something…um…going on in there….I mean, besides the time I was diagnosed bipolar my first stint in rehab 17 years ago and went along with it because it took the spotlight off of my raging drug addiction.


  1. Mothers Day is very special for my Mum and me as it was that day in 2012 that I reconciled with my Mum. The right medication, seroquel, changed my perception of the world.

    1. I’m glad you and your mum reconciled. The last time I took seroquel was the day my Mimi died. I knew she was about to die and I took a 500 mg after having been awake for five days and then was asked to go to the hospital. I don’t even know how I drove myself there, but I did, and I soon as she saw me, she went to Heaven. She was waiting for me to get there and the seroquel almost stopped me from going.

      1. Thanks for sharing your story. 500mg is a very large dose. Meds work differently for different people. I am happy for you that you got there in time to say godbye. Personally I would not let myself be awake for 5 days as I would be a complete mess from the sleep deprivation alone, mental health issues aside.

      2. Indeed, lol…I used to try not to…I really did…I couldn’t let the addiction go until it was ‘time to let it go’, and when I finally did, I really did, and now I am in awe thinking of the way I once lived….so I write.

        God bless you, have a wonderful evening!

  2. I wanted to say hi today. I know I posted a msg here an there, but this is for you today. I know what day it is, I’m so sorry.
    I wish there was anything I could say that would make today easier for you. You can say your a bad ass all you want, but days like today remind us of our past.
    I’m feeling emotional today. My heart goes out to you. :-*

    1. Thank you…I really appreciate that….yeah, after that horrible day concluded I slept for over 30 hours straight…and then I only got up because I had to…blah.

      Thank you.

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