I Want To

Both my laptops are dead, so I can’t work and my dog died today….she was the only static fixture in my life for the last ten years….you see that big, bad, ankle vein?  I look down at it and all


I see is a needle entering it.


      1. I know how easy something like that can be to fall back into. The stress. The temptation. The desire to let go. Just let it happen.
        The heroic thing to do is fight back and not give in.
        And my dear, you won that battle this time. Remember this and when a time arrives similar to now. Remember how strong you were today.

  1. I am so sorry hon. I know how it is to lose a beloved pet. Look up, not down. The blood running through that vein also runs through your brain. That brain knows you are stronger than that, stronger than anything. Your beloved dog is going to be with you forever in your heart. Do not forget her, rejoice in the love that she gave you. Hugs sweetie!!

  2. So sorry lady sorry for loss of your fur baby but your strong chick keep on Keepn on come back to fAkebook

  3. Condolences over the loss of your beloved dog.

    Although putting something into the vein may seem like a good idea, just keep inside that the effects may adversely affect your condition. You may feel better for a while but coming down and off it won’t be pleasant.. Why put yourself through that?

    Using will just confuse the cause of your negative symptoms.

    Take care!

  4. I can relate to staring at veins and being nostalgic for a syringe. Coke, heroin it’s all oblivion in a spoon right? I love ya honey. I am so sorry about Coco – she’s in doggie heaven now. Let yourself grieve for her and know that she knew she was much loved. HMU on the cell later if you need to vent or talk or whatever.

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