I Am Blessed

So, I am giddy tonight (WOO-HOO!!!!!) and I am chuckling…I am thinking about all the fucked up ass shit that has happened to me, in my life. I love that I can laugh now. I never feel sorry for myself, anymore.

My ex-husband taught me that was completely inappropriate, at anytime. So, after a few years of being shamed for sitting on the pot, I did get off of it. I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL TO MY EX, for teaching me that lesson because it waS, indeed, a most valuable lesson!

So, today I think about all the fucked up shit and I AM chuckling. I am chuckling that BECAUSE OF ALL THAT FUCKED UP SHIT, I literally have a first-person GRAB-BAG of things to write about, from birth til now, which shall extend to my death.

Life seems bad, but it really is good…you just gotta know how to twerk it.

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