Me Needs To Craw

I think I need to cry.

It’s been a while since I cried, for real.

Maybe that’s what induced this fuckin asthma attack.

I feel an overwhelming desire to draw and I almost never want to draw, anymore, so that’s different.

I know I blogged the other day about never being on my pity-pot…but the truth is, sometimes I just want to be on my beloved pity-pot and I want to sit and cry and piss and shit in it, and around it and on myself and let it all out and maybe have someone I trust and love (that eliminates everyone) to listen compassionately without offering anything less than Buddha-like wisdom from their mouths.

…and deep tissue back massages on my wing spots…cause they are sore.



  1. Sometimes a good cry helps. Wish I could do it sometimes too, but I never cry about myself, only for movies and others.

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