Nightmares And Bruises

I really don’t want to die like my mother 

but when it’s time I’m sure I’ll discover 

my liver is hard as igneous rocks;

Yellow skin like my pair of Jake socks 

Hair is already coming out my head

S’why I started wearing my wigs instead

All out of iron and legs bruise with ease

sometimes all takes is too hard a sneeze

Thanking God e’ry day I still got my teeth

that part just a dream, what a relief!

I am used to waking in terror at night

dreaming of food but no teeth which to bite

being chased down by one I don’t know

usually no face or body to show

Black cloud of evil o’er my head

Prolly the reason I fight with my bed.



  1. Very thoughtful. It’s good to know what has gone before with your mother so that you can keep good medical checks on your own health.

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