I Love To Laugh At Myself

I started teaching myself Hebrew about three years ago.

I ended up buying a tattoo gun about a year into the Hebrew.

I tattooed two Hebrew phrases on my arm.

I just realized that Israelis probably laugh at me when they see my arm because, to them, it probably looks like their first-graders homework.

Thank God there aren’t many Israelis in south Louisiana.


    1. The right-to-left part isn’t much of a deal to get used to, and since there are only 22 letters in the Aleph-Bet, all consonants, it is actually pretty simple to learn. Now, I am in no way implying that I am anywhere near literal in Hebrew, but if the need was there, lol, I can read it, not well, but I can. I am not yet able to speak it, because I really have no reason. I wanted to learn it only because I am very interested in all things mystical, esoteric and theological….But mostly, I wanted to be able to accurately argue southern baptist preachers who take biblical texts completely out-of-context and hurl them like softballs at those who are “lost”.

      And I have successfully completed with much satisfaction my original intent.

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