Suicide Prevention

I keep seeing so many “suicicide prevention” blog topics, I am almost about to puke.

There is but ONE prevention for suicide and that is LOVE…UNCONDITIONAL FUCKING LOVE.

Unless a person is experiencing some serious-ass, off-the-wall hypomania, or like me, experience major depression mixed with sleep deprivation or some other mind-altering substance, they’re not going to just kill themselves out-of-the-blue.

People who kill themselves have wanted to kill themselves for a long time.

It takes a lot of strength and courage to kill yourself.

I haven’t looked at the statistics but I would be willing to bet that most successful suicides were preceded by a few fails, or “cries for help”, as I like to call them.

People these days for the most part, including myself, are self-absorbed assholes and that doesn’t make it easier for a person to decide NOT blow their brains out of their head.


The people who appear to not have weird ass issues are the ones whose issues are really super-weird.

It’s just part of American culture now….issues…psychiatric issues.

Sorry, feminists, I love you all very much, but there is a noticeable link between the onset of feminism, the breakdown of the family unit and now, hoards and droves of people with emotional issues stemming from childhoods consisting of one-parent households..

Don’t get me wrong, I believe evolution had us heading in that direction, anyway…

The breakdown has to start.  

Order comes from chaos.

Our society is completely fucked up.

Everyone is ranting and raving about something.

I hear all the time, <WHINY VOICE>, “life isn’t fair!”.

The fuck it’s not.

Life is VERY fair and that’s what most people don’t understand, and if you don’t understand the problem, then you can’t fix it.

Love is the answer.

Love has always been the answer.

Try it….

….try for a day to not speak about a topic you have no first information about unless you first imagine yourself in the shoes of the person you want to condemn.

If you don’t know all of the facts of their life, from birth to present, which made them who they are today…then maybe don’t talk about them in a judgmental way.

Love them, anyway, no matter what hideous thing they are, or did.

You have done some pretty fucked up ass things in your life, too.

I know I have.


  1. Maybe we wouldn’t need suicide prevention programs if we focused on crying prevention programs. After all, crying is a symptom that probably preceeds suicide. Never mind the cause of the desire to cry, which probably requires way too much effort to understand. Maybe emotion prevention programs would be even better. Vulcans probably do not commit suicide. It just isn’t logical. Unless it is. We don’t know if suicide is like a Game Over button or a Reset button or a Skip Ahead button. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m perfectly willing to talk about them anyway at

  2. This:’It takes a lot of strength and courage to kill yourself.’ Is a standout line for me …

    It does. I didn’t know this until my best friend killed himself – the way he did it illustrates what you said about strength and courage; he literally had to decide over and over again that he wanted to die, so involved was his process from life to death. He could have stopped at several points along the way, but he didn’t.

    We’re all talking about suicide this week, and you’re right to point out that suicide isn’t the byproduct of cowardice – nor is it the byproduct of selfishness as some in the media have falsely stated. It is the byproduct of not being able to live with the pain and darkness anymore.

    And unconditional love is a great place to start healing, for all of us.


  3. Great post Athena. Well thought out, well said. Perhaps if people felt more empowered themselves they would feel they had more control. And unpopular as this may seem. It was his time to go. Perhaps his death, his suicide will be the incentive people have of talking about this subject and the destructiveness of depression.

  4. Never be afraid to write what you believe to be the truth. You probably didn’t get flamed because the type of people reading what you write are probably the types who are actually willing to use their brains (at least some of the time) and be empathetic. Unfortunately, I’m not even sure that love is enough to stop the pain within. Robin Williams surely could have found love from millions of fans, but not the kind he needed to feel that life was still worthwhile. Everyone can love you, but if you don’t love yourself, it is meaningless.

  5. Have any of you involved in this conversation ever felt the need to call a crisis hotline?
    I have, and greatly to my chagrin, the people running the hotlines seemed to give 2 fucks less than I did at the moment when I thought taking my life was the only option.
    Their aloof attitudes, like “oh, you wanna die now?” Pause “let me count the ways that would affect me and my tool box life, um, none.”
    It’s like, when people have a job to do, they get paid to give a fuck?! I even told the one guy, “your apathy is coming through my phone and smacking me in the face, and it stinks!” they get paid to care, like that is their career? of course it could just be another fucking dead end job, where they feel the need to do something altruistic, and think because they act (by answering the hotline phone, you know, they could just not pick up) by making the choice to answer the phone, they have done enough. Apathy in a job when you are paid to care, is the precise outcome! Well if someone paid me to have apathy, I would live my life exactly the way I am, how I want! Which brings me to my next point, “I care!!!!”
    “EarthVisitor” – interesting thing to say, preventing crying. Crying doesn’t make people suicidal, though I have been caught up in many a day during high school, when I went to the bathroom in the library, slumped onto the floor and cried in the full length mirror. I studied the automatic ways my facial expressions would change without my consent. Quivering chin, and the smile to goes downward for miles. Although I can see the ways in which stopping crying might prevent self-indulgence in my love of sadness, in that mirror. I still loved myself, I cried for me. I was never “allowed’ any other emotional outlet aside from crying. It’s not lady-like to break things and hit people. So I went for the best, non-gender-bending emotional response to distress from a child. Dad would raise his hand, “I’ll give you something to cry about!” If i had never cried, I would have self-destructed a long time ago. But I have thought, since i found out what suicide is, that would be how i died. I know now, that will never actually happen. I see light, I see love.

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