Anywhere I AM, Roll-Up……for MEEMOO

“At least she lived her life.” -Madi Zaine

Tomorrow my first born will be 18.  I wanted to give her a gift, but I have no money of my own, so the only thing I can give her is wisdom, if she’ll accept it.

I never cared to accept wisdom when I was 18…after all, wisdom was only imparted from foolish old people who don’t know a thing, anyway….

I mean, how could anyone else know MY LIFE, WHAT I’M GOING THROUGH, MY STRUGGLE, if they haven’t lived MY LIFE? 

Nobody knows the shit I been through, but me….

My sweet baby, those kinds of thoughts are just a fancy way of laying your head on the pillow on the nights you sleep.

Baby, you know your mommy loves you, but you also know your mommy ALWAYS TELLS THE TRUTH…

My Angel, the world don’t owe you shit, so don’t catch yourself slipping, thinking it does,,,,

This world is here to chew you up and spit you out if you don’t chew it up, first.

Here’s the problem….everything is OPPOSITE from what you believe, and I don’t even know what you believe…I just know it’s opposite, cause that’s what happened for me.

Whatever you now think is WRONG…is PROBABLY WHAT IS RIGHT.

All of your ideals and beliefs you cling to so tightly will end up opposite in ten years and then back again….

Don’t worry about that though….

Let life take you where it will and you will BE.

Let your attachments go and try not to make new ones…attachments only slow your progress….

Learn, learn, and learn more….always remain teachable.

Love with real love….


Try…really, really try to love your enemies, and if you try and try and you still can’t love them….make a fucking youtube channel to help work out the kinks.

Listen to Wiz when you’re down.

You are a TWENTY TWO

Always know that whether I am here or there, I love you anywhere I AM.

2014-03-02 00.41.30




I love you very much.

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