What Jesus Wouldn’t Do

Nobody likes the poems from my heart

written in angst as my soul rips apart

My breastfeeding videos are the ones that get views

from all kinds of people, even ones in the pews

saying goodbye to the preacher when leaving

go home turn on my channel chests heaving

they’re laughing, they love it and they can’t tell

real or fake? but they know I’m going to hell

and that’s the only thing that makes them feel good

laughing at the crackhead who tricked in the hood…

The Sermon on the Mount they totally forget

they don’t know the meaning anyway, this I would bet

There is not one christian above condemnation

belittling others is what heals their situation

both women and men get together in groups

“praying” for people who won’t jump through their hoops

of rules and regulations they made on their own

but say it’s God’s words, so you can’t throw a stone

cause if you do you’ll break their home

cause they didn’t build their shit from brick or stone

it’s build on sand, hypocrisy, greed, and lust

and filthy ass lies, not in disguise

no, I don’t trust….

and neither should you.

It’s what Jesus wouldn’t do.


  1. Love your poems woman. I am sorry you are going thru so much shit. I had to leave home. Alan just got to abusive. I am now staying with a good guy friend trying to figure out what to do in the long run. How are YOU doing? What the fuck happened with E? I can’t believe he fucked you over he seemed like a good guy and not a dickhead like they all are. love you

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