Maggot To Hide

So I had a bag of trash in my truck

to take to the dumpster ain’t paid for pick-up

in the meantime I went psycho and put the truck in a ditch

I got it out quickly ‘fore it became a real sitch

My truck drove me home and then she got sick

Two of her tires became flat very quick

My hand is broken and so is her rear

my truck is my baby my big white sweet dear

she protected me safely, at no point was fear

the spins, or the culvert or the ditch or the tree

I should’ve flew out the front but she protected me

and now my baby back driving once more

I cleaned the mud off her back because I do adore

My burb…

but back to the bag of trash in the back

I opened it today and there was no lack

of flies and maggots and disgusting ass things

some that would crawl and some that used wings

and that black mold inside, has just got to go

The state of my truck is my condition of woe

Like the hypocrites Jesus condemned in the Bible

I washed the outside of her like a real good disciple

Her insides dirty with flies and disgust

filthy rotting decay and smells worse than must

I am no hypocrite, at least I do try my best

Please go ahead and put my name to the test

Tomorrow I will clean my burb on the inside

There will be no place for a maggot to hide

except in a church.

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