Tuesday, get to packing

It’s 2 o’clock Tuesday and I’m pretty drunk

and I don’t really give any fuck

I gotta start packing up all of my stuff

Moving a lot tends to get pretty rough

I’m staring at all of the shit left in my trailer

The stuff is all yelling at me, calling me “FAILURE”

Shut up, stuff, I’m about to put you in a box

and bring you to storage with a big master lock

I may never see you things again

so quit being mean, i thought we were friends

I’ve drug you around from place to place

So quit mocking me, stuff, you ain’t got a face

that’s all you are is stuff….

I can replace.

But some of you, I can’t…..

and that makes me sad

cause some of you stuff are things that I’ve had

since the last time I lost everything I owned

like my babies first shoes and my puppies first bone

and clothes and pictures of my babies in frames

My, how life can suddenly change

with no fucking warning, no warning at all

It’s time to start packing, Athena, get on the ball.

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