I’m about to spit so you better get ya guards

unless you’re playing stupid like you a retard

and you know that there’s no way that I would stay

with a stupid motherfucker for longer than a day

but ya’ll go ahead and try to play me dumb

my daddy fucked my head when i was really young

I can hear the stupid nickel song professing his love

in my head while I wrote the lines up above



and puke outside of it because  I’m so disgusting

and I don’t give a shit, try me for a second, come have a sit

on my front five steps my cigarette lit

as soon as my shit out don’t worry Ima trip

and Ima be like some mace all up in your face

not like the can from the people’s store i hate that fucking place

NAH man a i’m a ball on a chain with a bunch of spikes

gonna hit you hard AND WHEN I POST it it’ll get a million likes

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