God’s Super-busy right now

their hands drip with blood

I’m tired of wishing anyone would care

that I am face-down in mud

just keep laughing while you stare

I’m on the brink of again saying goodbye

to absolutely everything I own

None of this makes sense,at all

but I quit asking why

when, again, I found her panties in my room.

It takes a special breed of sick

friends for 15 years?

and to throw me out so quick

no, I haven’t moved a thing

are you wondering why?

you know I have no one to help

and God’s all busy up in the sky

he must not have gotten my messages, either.

But this is what I wonder, what troubles me at night

when I go to my bed and sleep I have to fight…

Does seeing me lose everything make you happy?

and if so, WHY?

I don’t care how much I hated a person

if it was my hand destroying them,

it would make me cry…

what if my actions caused their death?

evidently it would evoke not more than a sigh….

from a person who does nothing but lie.

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