Over the Rainbow

I don’t really sleep so I don’t know if “waking up” is the right way to say….but when I do “wake up”,  I see nothing but grey….and black….I feel my nerves frying from the constant attack..

Honestly, I hate war but it is an art and brawn doesn’t win it, one must also be smart…no matter how bad you think you’re being ripped apart, it’s good to remain positive.

And, sometimes, it seems, positivity is a joke, just mirrors and smoke, yet nothing to toke or look into….I smell poo…did that cat miss the litter box again?  Or did I?

Honestly…I just want to fly over the rainbow….and let them win, cause it’ll make them feel good and proud of the fact that they kicked my ass like a best friend should.

Where is the love?

It never was.

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