sorry…but somehow…um…yeah…it’s your fault…I hate blame placing…but it’s the truth….if you have a fucked up suicidal kid, they are that way because of something that happened…..while in your care….it is what it is….the problem is that most parents have a really hard time accepting this, much less going back through the anals of time to the point where the thing happened that made your kid lose his or her shit….and what’s worse is that the parents and the kids will remember this thing completely differently….I know, because I am both the victim and the PARENT….but trust me… the sooner you let down your defenses…the sooner you become a real person to your child and the sooner that child can cope.


does that make sense?


but neither does suicide

I want to suicide myself right now.

I’m not allowed….

One comment

  1. I hope you can remember that Jesus is with you and he supports you always. The choice is always yours. If you remember anything as you live this life and these times come and they will go, is that you have children and they do need you. Stay. The sun will rise and there will be a chance for a better tomorrow and smiles from your children.

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