Guts: A Shakespearean Sonnet

Guts: A Shakespearean Sonnet by Me

There once was an old man whose name was Dale
Hypocrite, liar, adulterous thief
soul blacker than black like the hounds of hell
Yes, he’s a giver, a giver of grief.

Dale is a person who doesn’t know love
He’s also a person who goes to church
He says he loves Jesus, Lord up above
says he has found him so call off the search

Everyone out there who dale doesn’t like
are a bitch and they’re trash going to hell
He missed his calling in Hitler’s Third Reich
Narcissist to the core, he is not well.

He came to a party I had at my house
My son turned three we had a water slide
Four hours late he arrived with his spouse
Neither would speak; eye contact they would hide

What he lacks in heart he makes up in nuts
he also brought his mistress- that takes guts.

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