Stinking for a week

I like to stay up all night because that’s the only time I got none in my sight I am a textbook introvert but people don’t get it cause when I get on one I never ever quit it I hate crowds very fucking much except when I’m invisible and such.and such……

Me and people, we don’t get along…I don’t understand them and they don’t understand me…the difference is I recognize my ignorance and they don’t….they just make fun of me with so much glee that they prolly need glasses so they can see their lack of empathy and morality, but unfortunately, no optometrist makes glasses for free…cause they don’t make those kind at all..


and I got a pair that I sometimes wear…unless I get pissed and if you’re on my shitlist then there’s no empathy, at all.

Ok…maybe I just lied cause I know I gotta heart that bleeds for others hearts being ripped apart.  I know people hate me because they hate themselves…I AM the bitch they wish they were when pondering ourselves.

I say what I want and I do what I please…I don’t do it fragrantly, I handle it with ease…unless I  come across a person who should be riding in a hurse and being fucking, FUCKING cursed as the hurse rolls down the street in some hot September heat after they’ve been laying dead in their house stinking for a week.


  1. I love you. YOu write so well. I wish I knew how to get a songwriting company to notice you – seriously….someone could be singing those words they go together so well.

    1. I actually emailed a recording studio last weekend when I was inebriated, lol…I’m trying to find out how much it’ll cost for an hour in the studio.

      Thank you, Michelle! I love you!

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