Cable Television

I’ve been laying in bed for three days and four nights.  During the day, I turn the tv on, but I’m totally lazy about it.  I will usually put it on the ‘E’ Channel and watch the Kardashians back-to-back-to-back, or I’ll put it on Forensic Files and watch it over and over.

The problem with Forensic Files is that I have seen most all of them and I hate the commercials on that channel.  The Kardashians, on the other hand, I enjoy because I get to see things, food, and places I have never seen.  Mostly it’s food because the Kardashians are constantly eating.  That irritates me because I am hungry.  However, the commericals on the ‘E’ channel are much safer for listening.

I absolutely HATE pharmaceutical commercials and commercials about people and “their illnesses”, whatever those may be, and these days, there is no shame or shortage in any of the nasty ass IBS or limp dick commercials.

I could change the channel, but that would take too much thought and energy.

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