God is mean to me

I never wanted to be a whiny blogger, I promise, but I am at a point of sadness that is exceedingly unbearable….when you know you need to bathe but you don’t…when you’re never hungry…when the thoughts that are on your mind make you shout out (at work) like you have Tourrettes.

I am sad. I have tried everything, at this point. I haven’t tried the medication route again because I can’t find a psychiatrist around that takes appointments and isn’t private pay only.

I have a job now, so my mind is occcupied…but I’m not sure if it’s occupied, or just weighed down more, with all the other thoughts in there.

I’ll stop now.

I miss my babies. I was only happy when I was a mommy.

How did this happen?

Why is God so mean to me?


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