The Truthful Lie

Here’s the definition of irony: My blog actually making me more money than my YT channel…the channel I want to say I’ve thrown my heart and soul into….but…um…I think that would be a lie.

I actually throw way more soul into this unkempt blog.

When I feel like writing, I write.

With the channel, I’m watching the analytics and seeing graphs and charts and shit and I’m like, OMG….I GOT TO MAKE A VIDEO, I GOT TO MAKE A VIDEO….

This blog is so much more relaxed, and I love that. But ironically…I tell just as much or more truth, albeit in a fucked up dysfunctional way, on my channel. I have many fans (mostly people on the list that goes out to the neighborhoods) on YT, and those fans are accruing me money. But more than that, I get to tell my story to those, WHO HAVE AN EAR TO HEAR, not to judge, will get.

I do not breastfeed at all.

The truth is, my breasts wouldn’t make enough milk to feed my own children longer than 2 weeks. I even rented the expensive pumps, and everything. I never could breastfeed.

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