Ellen Degeneres 

I’m about to say something that people aren’t going to like. But, hear me out.  Been living in a small camper with no cable and an antenna which only catches one channel.  WVLA, NBC 33.  So,I’ve watched a lot of Ellen for the past several months.  I used to love Ellen, even tried to win 12 days a few times.  However, in watching Ellen so much, I couldn’t help but to notice a few things.  
Ellen only displays about 2 emotions which are happiness and sarcasm which is a cousin of anger.  Even when she has guests on with extremely emotionally charged stories, she only displays one or both of the aforementioned emotions.
She’s completely narcissistic…name dropping so much I want to puke and her latest gig as of some time before Christmas is to fly in one of her loyal worshippers, who would probably give a kidney just to meet her, much less, be featured on her show, to be featured on her show.
She then takes her loyal subject and puts (usually an unsuspecting female) into a contraption like a plexiglass box and humiliate the subject by throwing nasty shit all over her or dump water all over her, in the guise of “playing a cute game”
To add insult to injury, when she gives the subject her shitty prize, which Ellen did not buy, herself, Ellen then gives the whole audience, the same audience who laughed at the subjects network TV humiliation, THE SAME PRIZE.
call me crazy, say I’m wrong….but watch a few days yourself.  Today she humiliated a fat Latino kid who was like 12 and couldn’t speak English and then gifted him with an ELLEN SUITCASE.
#1 What 12 year old wants a suit case from Ellen?  
#2 What 12year old wants to be gifted with a suitcase?
#3 What adult wants a suitcase from Ellen?
#4 What was the real message giving a non English speaking Latino child a suitcase?
She’s gross.


  1. Yahslily… take your T.V. and throw it out the window! T.V. is no good, period, and be glad you only have 1 channel. All T.V. show hosts are narcissistic and use their “powers” to make the people who watch them feel less than, and I honestly believe they get off degrading their “fans”.
    When these sick fucks have the world given to them(money,fame,platform to preach from) the only thing they have is the humiliation they can put their worshipers through and to make it seem like its fun or cute for ratings.
    I gave up T.V. 7+ years ago and I don’t miss it.
    Fuck Ellen. She’s wack.

  2. Hi stranger. Tv is the epitome of our demise. Media controls publics perception of what they feel need published. And what’s that ? Fear, death, etc.
    Ellen is a fake. She’s gotten lost over the years. They all give in over time for ratings.

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