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Jesus didn’t make me a rocket scientist

“If I can’t have all of you, I don’t want none of you” -athenaswickedowl

I don’t have Instagram anymore, to scroll through and look at people’s pictures…people I don’t even really know, and whose pictures I don’t even really like.  I just like them, anyway, to ‘pay it forward’ or whatever that dumb shit is that only about 1% of the population really does.

What’s funny is that even though I’m liking their pictures that I don’t even really like, they’re not liking any of my pictures they don’t even really like…and that pisses me off.

Why can’t I just not like any of their pictures I don’t even fucking like?


Jesus….he didn’t even make me a rocket scientist…

Cause You Are

I keep losing at 8-ball pool but i keep playing anyway I’m listening to Tool cause this sunny day was a rainy day I gotta lotta thoughts i wanna say but my demons and angels keep getting in the way  that sounded like shit and i just want to quit bullshitting around at this night’s last sip no it’s really not the last sip of the ship that is going down flaming while i do a backflip i just lied again because I can’t do a gymnastic i took lessons one time and i loved that shit but dad thought it not so fantastic he told me i would end my life by breaking my neck a mop he gave me told me to sweep up his deck….i love being punny because i think that  its funny and i love to laugh in my belly when things are smelly and putrid and rotting and the whole thing that i call my world is twisting and turning and i know im a girl or a woman i suppose i love to cover my face in panty hose and pretend im a rob ya and rape ya and say that i got ya cause you suck balls and i don’t like you but i want you to love me and think that I’m awesome as gold wait til you see how my life will unfold, so far it’s been bad with some sprinkles of good when Im doing the things they say that i should but when the words in their mouth don’t match the words in their motions it causes my heart to feel some emotion and the emotion is anger cause that’s the one i’m best at I can cuss you up one side then this side and that and sound like my old favorite doctor who is doctor suess many times in my life dr suess has been my muse especially right now tool still playing in my ear and all that I hear is vicarious  so near but I’m not queer cause you are.

You Want me to write? I’m the one with 6 MILLION FUCKING VIEWS

Do you assholes really want me to write?

You know I make words and sentences that bite

I will not fail to impale you and place you on my skew

to roast you and toast you and then after it’s over

I will coast down the I-10 and boast about you

and all the fucking psychotic things that you do….

keep calling me crazy…

I’ll show you.



I know you both been shot by cupid

and that devil made you both so stupid

it happened to me during the divorce

I was starved for love and so i was forced

to fall in love with a douche of guy

now I SMH and ask myself why?

why in the world did I do this to me?

my life was already a bucket of pee

but I added some fecal

not worth a nickel

to my fresh bucket of urine

and I was really loving him during

the time that we spent for almost two years

he quelled my doubts and destroyed all my fears

until he started fucking all of my friends

both girls and the guys

no care of which end

his penis would fit and never would split

I’m gonna rip you a new one

while you both dig your pit


so hard THAT I SHIT

40 Miles An Hour

Last night I rode on a hood doing 40 miles an hour

I was not scared at all, in fact I felt some power

I wanted him to lose control and throw me off the hood

but since I’m indestructible, I knew he never would

and even if he did, I’d get up and walk away

I’m very hard to kill, ask anyone and they will say,

“man you can’t kill that bitch, that bitch is way too strong….

I think she is a super-hero in a very sexy thong.”

20130115_210936 - Copy (2)

Hard to Shock

I don’t care who you are, we all have our own shit

Guess what?  Everyone has different ways of dealing with it.

Maybe you overeat or maybe you shoot some smack

maybe you’re a narcissist who smokes a lot of crack.

You might be a person with a fetish for the feet

or maybe you’re a hooker who tricks on the street

maybe you’re a pedophile who fucks with little kids

the same way your dad fucked with you when you came out the crib

maybe you’re an Alex Grey who is into domination

you like to tie your bitches up, your dick feels the sensation.

Maybe you’re the opposite; you’re into humiliation

you pay a bitch twenty bucks to hear her degradation.

Maybe you’re a guy who likes to dress up like a girl

put a fancy dress on, and make it spin and twirl

or maybe you’re a girl who wants to be a guy

binded titties, hair cut short, no make-up is applied.

Maybe you’re a furry, dressing up like a bear

dancing in a costume, you love for them to stare

at your weirdness and your strangeness

and sometimes straight profaneness…….

Look, I ain’t judging n’er one of you people

the only ones I judge are the ones under the steeple

those are the kind who are so fucking blind

they really, really, really blow my fucking mind

….and that’s hard to do…

I’m hard to shock.

Lucifer’s Got Jokes

Ok, at the risk of completely making myself out be the things my ex in-laws, and others, imagine me to be….

I’m totally interested in magick and Gremoires and mysticism and Archangels and Goetia…basically GOD/YAH in all of HIS MIGHTY FORMS.

And…I do have a super-power or two.

Those were not easily acquired.  One does not become able to posses magic unless one proves itself responsible….and no, this is not a blanket statement, I understand that there are varying degrees of black magic…anyway…I was watching a guy on youtube earlier doing an evocation of Lucifer.

The video was playing the whole time I was putting on my make-up, and that takes about 40 minutes.

So, I guess I had Lucifer on the brain when I put my headphones on and asked Him to be my DJ (being the “DJ” is when I put all the hundreds of songs on my mp3 and hit “shuffle”)….and this is what Lucifer wants to play…



I love the dark side’s sense of humor…it’s much like my own.

Awkward Hugs

Some friends acquaintances, we have throughout our lives think a hug is always an appropriate response to “their friend” who is sad.

Uh….yeah, no.

I honestly don’t really want to hug you, unless:
A) you are family and it’s expected (and I do it, but not because I want to)
B) you are someone I REALLY LOVE, like my small child, however, small child, once you get almost as tall as me or taller, all grown-up with your own opinions, and stuff….it makes the hug a bit harder….not impossible, but definitely  harder to initiate.
C) It’s an online hug and we aren’t really touching, physically.
D) We are in a sexual relationship which is not only honest, but reciprocal in most every way.
E) An immediate family member or pet just passed away.

When I met my biological mom at the age of six, one of the first things she said to me was, “******** you don’t know how to hug!!!!!!”

I know, mommy.

I am the “awkward hugger”, a term I learned from my sister, Doody.  I’m the one you go to hug and it turns into a dance….I’m always going in the wrong direction.


So…I’m gonna rant…

Why is it fucking politcally correct to assume David Carradine died from auto erotic asphyxiation, but not Robin Williams?

I love Robin Williams as much as anyone else who doesn’t really know him or love him, but


I just checked Godlike and ATS and both only have ONE FUCKING THREAD ON THIS.


Does anyone but me wonder OUT LOUD, to people other than those in their house, if Robin Williams was jerking off while hanging himself and it was an accident due to auto-erotic asphyxia and not suicide, at all?

Godlike Production members and ATS members…yall don’t count….in this poll.

Am I too soon?

It’s too fresh?