Consider The Lily

Consider the lily
they do not worry,
there’s no need to
get frilly.
They stand still
in lifes journey.
They stand alone
in YAH’s splendor!
They are at home,
where sunlight and
water are rendored.
They have no need to
just be still in their
Your attention they will
just doing their duty.
Early-morning they open
their dew-kissed faces
towards the sun.
and in the evenings they close
their eyes as they hear
the crickets hum.
So consider the lily as
Torah suggest,
you  might find contentment
peace and rest.
Sister Jaquetta Robinsonhttp://

I Got Your Hero…

There are few things in this world I absolutely I hate.

I should probably hate many more things than I do.  Given my life experiences….A LOT.

I’ve been raped at least four times, one of those included a gang bang, and the last time I was raped,  it was sodomy.  I WAS ASS-RAPED.

I have been kidnapped twice, once by my father, when I eighteen months old, and once by a strung-out junkie when I was in my mid-twenties.


I do, however, hate, with the fiery-hot passion of a thousand dying suns, PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVENESS AND SARCASM.

I especially hate sarcasm when it’s perpetrated by someone who makes a good show of being sweet-as-pie, because it is expected, or because they “have to”, but inside, they are seething with whatever it is inside their mind and heart, which produces sarcasm.

I do not know too much about sarcasm manufacturing, because I am usually never passive-aggressive, sarcastic, or facetious.

I say what I mean and I mean what I say.  Period.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I can be passive-aggressive with the best of them….I just don’t like to operate in that fashion…It makes me feel like a lying coward with a pussy for a face.

Plus, everyone these days is sarcastic and I hate doing what everyone else does.

I AM a hero and I never was a zero…at least a zero in the way that sarcastic-ass, mean-ass human beings mean….I AM a zero in the sense of INFINITY and IMMORTALITY…but that’s it.

Being truthful makes for a very lonely life.