Lucifer’s Got Jokes

Ok, at the risk of completely making myself out be the things my ex in-laws, and others, imagine me to be….

I’m totally interested in magick and Gremoires and mysticism and Archangels and Goetia…basically GOD/YAH in all of HIS MIGHTY FORMS.

And…I do have a super-power or two.

Those were not easily acquired.  One does not become able to posses magic unless one proves itself responsible….and no, this is not a blanket statement, I understand that there are varying degrees of black magic…anyway…I was watching a guy on youtube earlier doing an evocation of Lucifer.

The video was playing the whole time I was putting on my make-up, and that takes about 40 minutes.

So, I guess I had Lucifer on the brain when I put my headphones on and asked Him to be my DJ (being the “DJ” is when I put all the hundreds of songs on my mp3 and hit “shuffle”)….and this is what Lucifer wants to play…



I love the dark side’s sense of humor…it’s much like my own.


I called to me

a Crowned Prince of Hell

not Satan, Astaroth, Beelzelbub or Baal

Azazel came and stood at my back

The dead of night now orange; not black

Indeed I was afraid to turn my head

to see at my face what was just in my head

The light behind me lit up the dark

I’m sure my forehead glowed with the mark

I was lost for words…

what should I say?

I called you here, but now I can’t play

Do I bow my head?

To show my respect?

Or do I keep it up high..

to keep Him in check?

Which Grimoire do I choose to apply?

I just held my gaze forward

until I felt him fly….

and then I was like….

“Shit…I fucked that up…”