old testament

Change is hard sometimes, most of the time, actually.

After four years I changed the background, the fonts, the size of the fonts, the arrangement of the pages of this blog and….eh…idk.

I’m probably gonna change it back.

Biblical Mania

I know I’m manic right now but I’m pretty sure that if there were psychiatrists and the DSM-IV available in Jerusalem from…what? Like 2 or 3 thousand years before Christ was born until he died… many Bible dudes wouldn’t have been prophets and martyrs….just literally “crazy folks” and that’s it…Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Amos, Zechariah, Isaiah, Enoch, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John….Jesus?

Haha, Samuel heard voices and Jacob didn’t just hear them, he wrestled with apparitions only he could see … Moses hallucinated and Noah just stayed drunk and built huge ships with Divinely Inspired specific dimensions and supplies.

Um…what if your neighbor was Noah…just chilling in his yard for over 100 years drunk as shit, building a fucking ark to God-given specifications….

Don’t fucking tell me you wouldn’t make fun of him at the least, and call the city on him, eventually…don’t tell me that.

I believe in God. I always have, it’s been in me….always there, even when I knew zero about it.

I did get saved….and it was a life-changing crazy experience which I shall write about later….

However, Christians have turned me away. Yes….”christians”…..

And now, it is my goal to teach people UNCONDITIONAL LOVE….cause that’s all there is that’s gonna save us, at this point.

Stop being hypocrites, church folks….it’s not what Jesus would do.

In fact, if you’ll just read your Bible closely, and perhaps have a Greek-English-Hebrew, interlinear Bible, but that’s not even necessary cause it’s plain as day in John 8:44….you can see where Jesus basically tells all the hypocrites their mom fucked the devil.

The hypocrites were the only ones Jesus was an ass to….

…and in my humble opinion, to the deference of plenty of theologians….I believe THAT IS WHY Jesus rode a BABY donkey to his crucifixion.