I am a woman who is beautiful, I am a woman who is intelligent, but mostly, I am a woman who is sad.

I am a woman trying to find her way through this excruciatingly painful thing we call life.

Through the years, psychiatrists have gifted me with many different diagnoses.  Thus far, I continue to deny all of them.


Don’t get it twisted,  I can BOX….you do not want to get into a ring with me….but you can’t put me in a BOX, especially one with a label, and if you try…you better know how to BOX….just sayin…


Charming, witty, funny, dreamy, screamy, honest, angelic, demonic,  intuitive, fanciful, over-reactive, angry, sweet, ex-dope fiend, petulant, unsane, genius, idiotic, truthful to a fault, eiditic memory, beautiful, sad, melancholy, aloof, clingy, maniacal, suicidal, dancing, old-fashioned, fuckin weird, sesquipedalian, exuberant, anxious, bipolar, fertile yet sterile, ambiguous, impulsive, impetuous, artistic, conspiracy enthusiast, moody, non-trusting, musical, flighty, drinks like a machine,  fear of rejection, prone to isolation, fearless, fearful, analytical, conservative yet liberal, irrational, enigmatic, low self-esteem projecting high self-esteem, positivity cheerleader for others, worried yet carelessly optimistic, sexy, sometimes argumentative, mentalist,  book-lover, procrastinator, initiate, loving, people-watcher, people-pleaser, numb, first-class twerker, major depressive, feelings denier, possibly some kind of schizo, definitely bipolar, drawn to the esoteric like a moth to a flame, ferocious, tender,  fierce, strong yet so very weak, prone to addictions, mediator and meditator, introvert, healer, lover and a fucking fighter….a paradox personified.


Enjoy my journey, please, so at least someone can.


  1. You sound pretty much like me! Except i would never have come up with such an awesome phrase, a paradox personified! The loss of your children? Believe me, I have been there. I have them back now. The journey to that moment was horrendous. Don’t give up.Never give up.

    1. Wow, thank you…I really needed to hear that. I know they will come back…The journey has been a bitch and it’s not over yet. Thank you for the encouragement. Knowing that you’ve taken the journey and seen the light gives me hope. Thank you.

  2. This is greatness as are you glad you wright about your stuff not glad too read it but it’s a great read that you wrote your pops is a fool of a woman cause you are amazely beautiful mind story body and all

  3. …A woman of many colours!
    Quite impressive.
    Thanks for the likes and follow.
    All much appreciated.
    I look forward to more of your posts.
    Happy writing.

  4. Hey! I’m not sure what your policy is on awards, but I think you deserve the recognition so I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! =]
    There is no pressure to accept, participate, or follow the rules exactly.
    If you are interested, you can check it out here http://wp.me/2ZAPp

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